Welcome To Our Journey

We are Anna, Bob, and Cristine. Anna is the little one, Bob is the big one, and Cristine is the pretty one. Several years ago we started planning and saving for a 'once in a life-time' trip around the world. On a whim, about six weeks before our scheduled departure, we decided to take this trip on bicycles. This website documents our trip. We hope you enjoy the ride as much as we did. Click on the About Us tab for a link to our travel blog and a link to our photos. Thanks for visiting! 

We are not a super star, hard core, get up before dawn to go to the gym type family. We sometimes have pie for breakfast. Oftentimes we drive to the post office instead of taking our bikes. We're really quite "normal". 

"You're Doing What?"

That's pretty much the first thing Bob's Mom said when we told her what our plans were. The second thing she said was, "...not with MY Granddaughter..."

A Family Bicycle Journ​e​y Around The World 

Brief Backstory


          One Family            Two Bikes           11 Months            21 countries